Territorial Planning

DEIMOS Engenharia and Deimos Space UK have developed in the last years a suite of tools aimed at Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) mapping tool, feature extraction and LULC change detection.

These components provide a suite of tools ideal for institutions with territorial planning responsibilities that have a wide range of LULC mapping needs that can include generic baseline LULC maps or thematic maps for specific features (e.g. roads, roundabouts) and respective changes. They require the development of LULC, feature and LULC change maps based on several remote sensing sources, covering high and very high-resolution imagery, and with diverse classification schemes.

The final version of the application will make these tools available through a web-based application where the user is able to customize the required steps: 1 - Define the type of imagery to use 2 - Define the classification scheme 3 - Use existing or new training data 4 - Compare classification algorithms 5 - Visualize outputs in map, graph and teable forms 6 - Edit output to correct classification errors 7 - Rerun the classification

The first version of the pilot will allow the user to classify Sentinel 1B or 2A imagery for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, using an already trained model.

Spatial Extent

Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.

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Pilot Metadata

Coordinate Reference System WGS 1984
Language English
Legal Constraints The pilot can be used free of charge for the duration of the NextGEOSS project. If the results are used in publications or other Web sites, we request you to mention Elecnor Deimos as provider of data which you used.
Purpose The pilot is developed as part of the NexGEOSS project funded by the European Union's H2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant No. 730329, to support the wider Territorial Spatial Planning community consisisting of mainly institutional stakeholders (Portuguese Directorate-General for the Territorial Development, Lisbon Municipality Spatial Planning Department).
Update Frequency continual
Pilot Validity Period 01 July, 2015 TO 31 December, 2021
Contact e-mail nuno[dot]grosso[at]deimos[dot]com[dot]pt
individualName Nuno Grosso
organisationName Elecnor Deimos