Food Security

The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission is an important assessment for crop monitoring, making field-based monitoring possible. The overall objective of this NextGEOSS Business pilot activity is to demonstrate how NextGEOSS facilitates the use and processing of Sentinel-2 data for crop monitoring:

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The pilot will have the following goals in mind:

1) Easy access to the data via the NextGEOSS data hub

2) Close monitoring of crops, with the use of temporal dense profiles

3) A processing chain processing Sentinel-2 L1C data to vegetation indices towards crop information is demonstrated. Also, a web-based dashboard is developed to allow users to explore this information which can feed information into specialised commercial Web-based dashboard e.g. WatchItGrow, with an extended area of interest including also an African country. Also, additional meteo data will be added.

4) In a second step, phenology is added, both processing from Sentinel-2 on the NextGEOSS cloud and on the dashboard

5) Crop monitoring products are defined in collaboration with the industry and the GeoGLAM community

6) Results from this NextGEOSS pilot flow into the ESA sponsored project TEP Food Security, with which these pilots have clear synergies

7) To obtain a temporal dense profile, Sentinel-2 alone is not sufficient. Therefore these data are fused with data from Sentinel 1

Spatial Extent

Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.

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Pilot Metadata

Coordinate Reference System WGS 1984
Language English
Legal Constraints The pilot can be used free of charge. If the results are used in publications or other Web sites, we request you to mention VITO as provider of data which you used.
Purpose The pilot is developed as part of the NexGEOSS project funded by the European Union's H2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant No. 730329, to support the wider Agriculture community consisisting of both institutional stakeholders (GeoGLAM, FAO, etc.) and the Agro industry.
Update Frequency continual
Pilot Validity Period 01 January, 1980 TO 31 December, 2021
Contact e-mail bram[dot]janssen[at]vito[dot]be
individualName Bram Janssen
organisationName VITO