CLS - Marine Pilot: Object Drift at Sea

This NextGEOSS pilot provides a web interface to launch online drift modelling of object at sea. From the CLS portal, the user will be able to activate MOBIDRIFT, a suite of drift models allowing the simulation of object drift at sea. It addresses several types of applications thanks to four specific modules: icebergs, particles (oil spill, algae, litter), search & rescue and containers. This drift model suite is forced by environmental data to calculate the impact on the modeled object. The objective of this pilot is to take advantage of the NextGEOSS platform to enhance the actual service by: - Using the NextGEOSS data hub to access to the environmental products of the Copernicus marine core service and of the CLS Datastore for preparing the environmental forcing fields - Taking advantage of the NextGEOSS cloud infrastructure to improve the performance of the drift model and allow ensemble model simulation. The web-based application will be available to the end-user through the CLS community portal. The pilot will be applied to the case of sargassum drift in the French Caribbean.

Spatial Extent

Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.

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Pilot Metadata

Coordinate Reference System WGS 1984
Language English
Legal Constraints The pilot can be used free of charge on the demonstration period. If the results are used in publications or other Web sites, we request you to mention CLS as provider of data which you used.
Purpose The pilot is developed as part of the NexGEOSS project funded by the European Union's H2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant No. 730329, to support the wider Agriculture community consisisting of both institutional stakeholders (GeoGLAM, FAO, etc.) and the Agro industry.
Update Frequency continual
Contact e-mail msutton[at]groupcls[dot]com
individualName Marion Sutton
organisationName CLS