Data Providers

NextGEOSS engages the main providers of earth observation data, including Copernicus Collaborative Ground Segments and Core Services. The data hub draws upon resources provided by public, commercial, and research institutions working with satellite, aerial, and in situ measurements.

The following data providers are currently integrated in the NextGEOSS system:

28 data providers found

  • plan4all


    118719 Datasets View Plan4All
  • scent


    Scent is a European Union research project funded under the Horizon 2020...

    16462 Datasets View SCENT
  • simocean


    The SIMOcean (System for Integrated Monitoring of the Ocean) project aims to...

    15619 Datasets View SIMOcean
  • static-ebvs

    Static EBVs

    Auxiliary datasets

    2 Datasets View Static EBVs
  • usgs


    The USGS serves the US Nation by providing reliable scientific information to...

    53601 Datasets View USGS
  • vito


    VITO is an independent Flemish research organisation that provides scientific...

    7600 Datasets View VITO
  • gome-2


    The World Data Center for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, WDC-RSAT, offers...

    655 Datasets View WDC DLR