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Part of collection Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level-2 Land Surface Temperature

SENTINEL-3 SLSTR Level-2 LST product provides land surface parameters generated on the wide 1 km measurement grid.

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Family Name Sentinel-3
Filename S3B_SL_2_LST____20190810T031029_20190810T031329_20190810T051602_0180_028_289_1620_LN2_O_NR_003.SEN3
Identifier S3B_SL_2_LST____20190810T031029_20190810T031329_20190810T051602_0180_028_289_1620_LN2_O_NR_003
Instrument Family Name SLSTR
Instrument Mode Earth Observation
Instrument Name Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer
Orbit Direction descending
Product Type SL_2_LST___
Size 57620000
Start Time 2019-08-10T03:10:29.438Z
Stop Time 2019-08-10T03:13:29.438Z
Metadata Updated on NextGEOSS Catalogue September 11, 2019, 07:54 (UTC)
Metadata Created on NextGEOSS Catalogue September 11, 2019, 07:54 (UTC)

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